(Will be expanding on this, moving each of the below to a subsection of locations. This entry will then be about the hulks themselves rather than the city-states controlling them. Think of the below as notes to help out in the meantime.)

Panzar: Controlled by Greater House Khan (the Khanate). Lesser House Severin manages day-to-day affairs of the people. Hulk focused on war-based exports and trade. Center of defense for Junction.

Vickers: The center for manufacturing trade on Junction. A popular trade hub for goods in the quadrant. Controlled by Greater House Korbin, whose home world is in the neighboring system.

The Craggs: Two hulks make up the Craggs, the Cragg Head and the Cragg Tail. Both are controlled by Greater House Cragg and focus on slave trade for the quadrant. The Craggs are not known for their benevolence.

Domain: Controlled by Greater House Werner, Domain is the primary source of agriculture and food for Junction. Its surface is covered in arti-farming plants and markets focused on the movement of food. House Werner is primarily based on Rhysen VI, the only other inhabited planet of the system. MISSING, NO COMMUNICATION

Sherman:The center for raw goods resources on Junction. Many raw materials (metals, ores, lumbers etc.) pass through Sherman. Jointly controlled by three Lesser Houses, each of which focus on a separate type of goods: House Alark, House Kymer, and House Pros.


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